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Everything starts with a healthy herd.
• Health is essential for a sustainable dairy production. Herd health status is a key parameter to ensure productivity, efficiency and profitability of dairy farms. So there’s nothing more frustrating than watching your cows suffer from preventable disease.

• Elanco is committed to help veterinarians and dairy farmers with innovative solutions to improve cow’s health and wellbeing with a focus on the traditional transition period and beyond. The fact is, 60 days prior to calving until 30 days after calving (the Vital 90 Days), is a time of great risk and vulnerability for every cow in your herd.

• During the Vital 90 Days – cow’s immune system is weakened, opening the door to disorders such as mastitis , metritis and retained placentas, which can compromise her long-term wellbeing and profit potential. She also experiences a period of negative energy balance increasing the risk of ketosis  and associated diseases (displaced abomasum, ovarian dysfunction)1-5.

• Elanco solutions to tackle challenges during the Vital 90 Days period include diagnostics, monitoring tools and educational materials as well as products to treat or reduce the incidence of some diseases related to the Vital 90 Days (mastitis, ketosis). These solutions should be part of a holistic approach based on a partnership between veterinarians, nutritionists and farmers.

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  • Rumensin
  • Tylan
  • Tylan Injection

An essential ingredient

Rumensin® from Elanco Animal Health improves the health of dairy cows throughout the whole lactation. This nutritional supplement helps cows to digest their food more efficiently to improve milk production.




The perfect partner

Tylan is a prescription only product – please contact your
veterinarian for further information.

1. Elanco data on file

This is a prescription only product – please contact your veterinarian for further information.