Elanco Animal Health markets a range of products that improve the health and performance of grassfed beef cattle. These products are used throughout the northern and southern beef regions in Australia.

  • Compudose 400
  • Compudose G
  • Rumensin
  • Demize

Compudose 400, 200 and 100 contain oestradiol-17ß,a naturally-occurring oestrogen. The durable core is designed to minimise the likelihood of it being crushed or broken during implantation, helping to ensure consistent pay out and long-term performance. The active ingredient is slowly released into the bloodstream providing a daily dose above the threshold for growth promotion over 400, 200 or 100 days, respectively.

Compudose 400 is the only implant that has a payout period of 400 days, meaning that it maximises growth rates year round, regardless of the season.

In many instances, Compudose implanted cattle deliver higher returns than non-implanted cattle.


Compudose-G contains oestradiol and trenbolone acetate (TBA), a synthetic androgen. Compudose-G consists of three compressed pellets using a cholesterol carrier that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream after implantation. Compudose-G is a short-acting implant that has a minimum re-implant interval of 70 days. These liveweight gain benefits can be lost if cattle are not turned off or re-implanted.

For best results, Compudose-G and other combination implants should only be used under very good nutritional conditions, and ideally as a terminal implant.


An essential ingredient

Rumensin® is an essential ingredient in supplementary feeds. It helps cattle to digest their food more efficiently, providing more energy from every mouthful of pasture consumed. Rumensin is scientifically-proven to improve feed efficiency, reproductive performance and aids in the control of bloat and prevention of coccidiosis.


Say goodbye to lice and flies

Demize® is a fast and easy way to control all four major species of biting and sucking lice, SP-susceptible buffalo flies and nuisance flies in a convenient, pour-on formulation.