Flubenol Oral Wormer for Pigs and Chickens (flubendazole)

Flubenol Oral Wormer for Pigs and Chickens (flubendazole)


Hemicell™ (β-Mannanase)

The energy sparing enzyme

Paylean™ (ractopamine hydrochloride)

A uniform finish

Tylan™ 250 Premix (tylosin)

This is a prescription only product. Please speak to your veterinarian about how Tylan™ 250 Premix can help in your feed and health protocols.
Tylan™ 200 Injection

Tylan™ 200 Injection (tylosin injection)

This is a prescription only product. Please speak to your veterinarian about how Tylan™ 200 can help in your health protocols.

Stresnil™ (azaperone)

This is a prescription only product. Please speak to your veterinarian about how Stresnil™ can help in your sow management protocols.

Paylean™ (ractopamine hydrochloride)

A uniform finish

Poor performance during finishing is a leading cause of variation and failure to achieve full economic potential. Paylean™ premix from Elanco Animal Health is the proven way to improve feed efficiency and lean carcase yield by directing more nutrients towards quality lean gain and away from fat deposition, resulting in fewer lightweights, less variation and more value from each pig1-4. In breeding sows, Paylean is used for reduced lactation weight loss.

Important Safety Information

Always read and follow the label directions.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 12 hours before slaughter for human consumption.

EXPORT TRADE ADVICE - TREATED STOCK: Exporters need to comply with the regulations/standards of importing countries with regard to the use of animal health products in livestock. Producers are advised to contact their export slaughter facility for information before giving pigs feed to which this product has been added.

Directions For Use


DO NOT ADMINISTER PAYLEAN™ TO SPECIES OTHER THAN PIGS OR TURKEYS. The information below relates only to use of Paylean in pigs, please contact Elanco for more information in relation to use in turkeys.

Note to feed formulators:
Unintended inclusion of medication into animal feeds may result in residues that adversely impact trade access or the rules of professional competition. Use cleaning or flushing, or avoid sequencing feed for other species (in particular ruminant and horse feeds) immediately after manufacture of pig finisher feeds containing Paylean™.

A copy of directions for use relevant to final feed are required to be provided to the producers with each consignment of Paylean™ treated feeds. Contact Elanco Animal Health for further information.


Dosage and Administration
Recommended dosages of ractopamine hydrochloride:

  • 5-20 ppm in final feed for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency
  • 10-20 ppm in final feed for increased carcass leanness and increased carcass dressing percent
  • 20 ppm in lactating sows to reduce weight loss

Mixing Directions
All calculations are based on 90% dry matter.

IMPORTANT - To ensure adequate mixing, it is recommended that a pre-blend of Paylean™ 20 Premix be made before incorporation into the total amount of complete feed. Thoroughly mix the pre-blend into a nutritionally balanced pig ration to result in a final ration containing 5 to 20 ppm of ractopamine. Amino acid content of the ration may influence response to treatment. Dietary specifications should be determined in consultation with a recognised pig nutritionist in order to optimise Paylean™ benefits.

Feeding Instructions

Feed complete ration containing ractopamine continuously as the sole ration to finisher pigs for the last 28-42 days prior to slaughter. To achieve best results for breeding sows, add 20 ppm ractopamine to sow diets throughout lactation.

Pigs fed Paylean™ are at an increased risk for exhibiting the downer pig syndrome (could also be referred to as leg weakness syndrome). Pig handling methods to reduce the incidence of downer pigs should be thoroughly evaluated prior to initiating use of Paylean™.

WARNING: Not for use in humans. Individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure. The active ingredient in Paylean™, ractopamine hydrochloride, is a beta-adrenergic agonist. Additional information is available in the Safety Data Sheet.

Ractopamine Concentration in Final Feed g/tonne (ppm) Grams of Paylean™ 20 Premix to Add per Tonne of Final Feed
5 250
10 500
15 750
20 1,000 (1 kg)


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