Agita™ (thiamethoxam, Z-9-tricosene)

Potent ‘fly and die’ insecticide for successful fly control

Clinafarm™ Smoke and Spray (imazalil and potassium chlorate)

Effective fungicidal for premises.

Elector™ Premise Spray (spinosad)

Target SP-resistant beetles

Hemicell™ (β-Mannanase)

The unique energy sparing enzyme

Larvadex™ (cyromazine)

Long-acting, cost-effective fly control in poultry production

Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A good start

Monteban™ 100 (narasin)

A great finish

Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)

Your rotation partner

Surmax™ 200 (avilamycin)

This is a prescription only product.  Please speak to your veterinarian about how Surmax™ 200 can help in your feed. SurmaxTM 100 is approved for use in Australia but is not distributed.

Clinafarm™ Smoke and Spray (imazalil and potassium chlorate)
Clinafarm™ Smoke and Spray (imazalil and potassium chlorate)

Effective fungicidal for premises.

Clinafarm™ is a highly effective fungicidal treatment that is ideal for sanitation programs to control Aspergillus in breeder houses, hatcheries and broiler houses. It offers a number of important benefits in terms of efficacy, convenience and safety.

Important Safety Information

Before using this product, please consult the label for complete instructions.

Withholding Periods



The following precautionary statement should be placed where treatment is in progress and for 8 hours after treatment:
CAUTION. Do not enter area. Clinafarm™ Smoke Generator treatment in process.

Re-entry period: Do not enter the sealed treatment areas prior to the completion of a period of 8 hours, unless wearing a full face-piece respirator with organic vapour/gas cartridge or canister.

Directions For Use

DO NOT USE in hatcheries, setters and brooders while poultry are present
DO NOT USE on eggs for human consumption

Clinafarm™ Smoke

Situation Rate Critical Comments
Poultry hatcheries, setters and brooders Use one smoke generator for up to 50m3 of space, or one generator in each setter or brooder, so that the fungicidal fumes can permeate to all areas of the enclosed facility.
Each generator contains 33g, equivalent to 5.75g imazalil.

Product must only be used once per batch.

Determine the number of smoke generators required and set them out in a pattern which will facilitate the even spread of fumes.

Place each smoke generator on the non-flammable base, such as a brick, remove and discard the red cap and commence lighting the wicks so that the last one ignited is closest to the exit door. A cigarette lighter is recommended for lighting the wicks. Leave the facility as soon as all wicks have been lit.

Each smoke generator will burn for 20 to 40 seconds, without flame and emitting white to grey smoke. The facility should be sealed and re-entry prevented for eight hours after lighting the wick. The facility should be well ventilated before being brought back into production.

Where additional disinfection is required Clinafarm Spray may be used prior to fumigation with the smoke.