Agita™ (thiamethoxam, Z-9-tricosene)

Effective insecticide for successful fly control

Clinafarm™ Smoke (imazalil and potassium chlorate) and Clinifarm™ Spray (imazalil)

Broad spectrum fungicide for premises.

Elector™ Premise Spray (spinosad)

Target darkling beetles and nuisance flies

Hemicell™ (β-Mannanase)

The energy sparing enzyme

Larvadex™ (cyromazine)

Long-acting, effective fly control in poultry production

Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A unique combination product for coccidiosis prevention in broilers

Monteban™ 100 (narasin)

A great finish for broiler chickens

Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)

Prevent coccidiosis in broilers and pullets

Surmax™ 200 (avilamycin)

This is a prescription only product.  Please speak to your veterinarian. SurmaxTM 100 is approved for use in Australia but is not distributed.


Customised in-feed probiotic solution

Agita™ 100 Plus (thiamethoxam, Z-9-tricosene)

Effective insecticide for successful fly control

Agita is a water dispersible residual insecticidal bait formulation for the control of house flies (Musca domestica) in agricultural buildings (e.g. barns, poultry houses, feed yards etc.). The combination of an insecticide (thiamethoxam) with both contact and stomach modes of action, with a house fly attractant embedded in a sugar matrix, provides an effective bait formula which encourages both male and female house flies to remain in treated areas and consume or contact lethal doses of the product1.

Agita™ should be used as part of an integrated fly control program. Resistance may develop to any chemical.

Important Safety Information

Remove poultry when treating poultry facilities. Avoid contamination of animal feedstuffs and drinking water.

Withholding Periods



DO NOT apply directly onto animals or on areas that can be reached or licked by animals.

Directions for Use

Always read and follow the label directions.
Agita™ 100 Plus Fly Spray and Paint-on 

Application rates are as follows:

Situation Insect Rate
Dairies, feedlots, abattoirs, piggeries, poultry facilities, horse stables, and kennels.
Commercial areas, industrial and domestic areas.

Paint-on: 200 g/160 mL lukewarm water

Spot-Spraying: 200g/1.6 L of water = 40 m2 ground or 80-120 m2 wall surface

Application: Add the required amount of the product to water and stir well to ensure suspension. If the mixture is allowed to stand for longer than 30 minutes, stir well before using. Use mixture on the day of preparation, preferably immediately after preparing.

Do not treat dirty, very porous or newly whitewashed walls.

Elanco recommends that Agita™ be used as part of an integrated fly control program. Integrated fly control involves sanitary and management practices to complement chemical control methods consisting of adulticides and larvicides. The following practices help eliminate potential fly breeding sites:

  • DO NOT apply or spray product or other non-specific insecticide onto manure as this may inhibit biological control.
  • Repair leaks that contribute to wet manure (undesirable odour and an ideal breeding site for flies).
  • Ensure good site drainage.
  • Ensure good ventilation of treated facilities.
  • Ensure any other fly-infested animal operations in close proximity do not act as a source of invading flies.
  • Promptly remove broken eggs and dead birds from poultry facilities.

General Instructions

Cattle, pigs, horses and dogs can remain in buildings being treated provided care is taken to ensure the product is not applied directly to the animals. To avoid chemical residues due to animals licking treated surfaces, always apply to surfaces beyond the reach of animals.

Critical Comments

Remove poultry when treating poultry facilities. Paint a minimum of 30 ‘spots’ of about 10 x 30 cm where flies congregate or settle, e.g. warm and sunny wall areas, window frames, milk pipes, outside of feeding troughs. Where insufficient space is available for painting or where slight discolouration would be unacceptable, paint strips of cardboard, polyethylene or light boards and hang them from the ceiling.
200 g Agita™ 100 Plus in 160 mL water is sufficient to treat a building of approx. 80 m2 floor area or 160-240 m2 wall and ceiling surfaces.

Re-treat as required.

Thoroughly mix 400 g of Agita™ 100 Plus in 3.2 litres of lukewarm water in a knapsack sprayer for a building with a floor area of 80 m2 or a corresponding wall/ceiling area of 160-240 m2, of which only about 30% should be treated directly. Surfaces on which flies are particularly likely to settle, such as warm and sunny areas, stall walls; windows, etc. should be sprayed.


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