Agita™ (thiamethoxam, Z-9-tricosene)

Effective insecticide for successful fly control

Clinafarm™ Smoke (imazalil and potassium chlorate) and Clinifarm™ Spray (imazalil)

Broad spectrum fungicide for premises.

Elector™ Premise Spray (spinosad)

Target darkling beetles and nuisance flies

Hemicell™ (β-Mannanase)

The energy sparing enzyme

Larvadex™ (cyromazine)

Long-acting, effective fly control in poultry production

Maxiban™ (narasin and nicarbazin)

A unique combination product for coccidiosis prevention in broilers

Monteban™ 100 (narasin)

A great finish for broiler chickens

Rumensin™ (monensin as sodium monensin)

Prevent coccidiosis in broilers and pullets

Surmax™ 200 (avilamycin)

This is a prescription only product.  Please speak to your veterinarian. SurmaxTM 100 is approved for use in Australia but is not distributed.


Customised in-feed probiotic solution

Elector™ Premise Spray (spinosad)
Target darkling beetles and nuisance flies

Group 5 insecticide targeting darkling beetles and nuisance flies

Elector™ Premise Spray is a fast and effective way to control darkling beetles, house flies and stable flies in and around poultry sheds.  

The product is also effective in the suppression of poultry red mites infesting poultry, when used as a premise treatment.

Can be used in rotation with other insecticide classes as part of an integrated pest management program1.


Important Safety Information

Always read and follow the label directions.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: DO NOT slaughter for 7 days after incidental spraying onto chickens and their sheds.
EGGS: zero (0) days after treatment.

MEAT: DO NOT slaughter for 21 days after introduction of animals to treated areas in situations where animals have continual access to treated surfaces (e.g. with litter on floors or in nests, feedlots and stables).
MILK: WHP not required when used as directed.


DO NOT apply directly to exposed feed or water.

Beef, Dairy and Horse premises:
DO NOT apply product directly on to livestock.
DO NOT apply to milking machines or apparatus.

Poultry Premises:
DO NOT apply as a fog or space spray.

Directions for Use

Before Use: Protect animals from direct spray; where practical, remove animals before use. Remove or cover all feed, feed troughs, water troughs, and milking equipment.

Situation Pest Mixing Rate Application Rate
Poultry, beef,
dairy and horse premises
House flies
(Musca domestica)
250 mL/150 L water
[1L/600 L water]
1 litre / 12 sq m
Stable flies
(Stomoxys calcitrans)
Darkling Beetles
(Alphitobius diaperinus)
250mL/36L water
[1L/144 L water]
1 litre / 30 sq m
Suppression only
of Poultry Red Mite*
(Dermanyssus gallinae)
60mL/16L water
[1L/267 L water]
1 litre / 15 sq m

* Monitor mite numbers after treatment. The minimum re-treatment interval for this product in poultry sheds is 14 days. If re-treatment is required within 28 days please contact Elanco for technical assistance on application methods.


Remove or cover all feed, feed troughs, water troughs and milking equipment.

General Instructions:
Elector™ PSP is to be mixed with water and applied as a spray.

Fill the tank of the sprayer with water to about 1/2 of the total spray volume required. Start agitating and add the required amount of Elector™ PSP. Continue mixing and agitating while filling the spray tank to the required spray volume. Maintain sufficient agitation during the application to ensure uniformity of the spray. Prepare spray fresh for each use.

Control is enhanced when interior and exterior perimeter applications are made in and around livestock and poultry structures. Normal sanitation practices of the structure consistent with good animal husbandry should be followed to enhance effectiveness of insect control agents.

The physical and chemical compatibility with other preparations has not been determined.

Poultry Houses

Avoid contaminating feedstuffs or water used for drinking and cooling with premise treatment. Poultry may be exposed to incidental spray and do not need to be removed prior to application.

Protect laid eggs from incidental spray, where practical, remove laid eggs before use. Broiler chickens (for all purposes of product use): Birds must not be exposed to more than one treatment of the premises during the grow-out period.

Nuisance Flies (House flies & Stable flies):

Treat areas where flies rest: pay attention to side walls, the ends of building, upper sides of posts, and crossbeams. Spray in early morning when flies are resting. Use enough in a directed spray to contact flies and their resting surfaces thoroughly, but do not allow runoff to occur.

Darkling Beetles:

Apply in 1m wide bands to the floor under feed lines and in a 0.5m wide bands along the edges of the house. Applications should also be made into cracks and crevices around insulation, and where pests have been seen or can find protection. Indoor protection can be enhanced by making perimeter treatments to the outside of building foundations to prevent migrating adult beetles. Reapply after each grow-out or sanitation procedure.

Poultry Red Mites:

Apply to areas where red mites live. This includes areas between joints, cracks and crevices, under bent surfaces, the ends of metal bars, any place where two surfaces connect, and any place where dust can accumulate. Application to the exposed and unexposed areas is required to obtain a complete and thorough treatment. Ensure a uniform spray with adequate pressure to penetrate cracks and crevices where red mites are located during the day to achieve the highest efficacy from the treatment.


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