Elanco Animal Health markets a range of parasiticides and feed additives used in the Australian sheep and wool industry. Extinosad products feature a unique active ingredient that kills lice, blowflies and maggots, even some resistant strains, and poses minimal risk to livestock or workers.

  • Extinosad Pour On
  • Extinosad Eliminator
  • Extinosad Aerosol
  • Rumensin

Dead Faster, Dead Easier

Now with Six month off-shears guarantee*

Extinosad® Pour-On is the dead fast, dead easy way to control lice off-shears, on long wool sheep or unshorn lambs. Its unique knockdown chemistry makes it ideal for use in rotation programs, while its nil wool withholding period and minimal 21 day ESI gives you maximum management flexibility. Combined with its new low volume applicator, new off-shears dose table and new six month off-shears guarantee*, Extinosad Pour-On is now dead faster, dead easier.

*Terms and conditions apply.

An effective way to prevent blowfly strike and control maggots and lice

Extinosad® Eliminator treats and prevents blowfly strike in a single procedure, protects mulesing and other wounds against blowfly strike, and controls lice in sheep with short or long wool. It has no withholding periods for both meat and wool and poses minimal risk to farm workers and livestock.

Extinosad® Aerosol for wounds is a convenient way to treat and prevent blowfly strike, mulesing and other wounds in sheep. This ready-to-spray aerosol kills blowfly maggots (including OP resistant strains) with minimal risk to farm workers and livestock.


Rumensin® is an essential ingredient in supplementary feeds. It helps sheep to digest their food more efficiently, giving them more energy from every mouthful of feed consumed. Rumensin is scientifically-proven to improve feed efficiency and prevent coccidiosis.


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